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Taking the plunge

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Having taken slightly early retirement about 4 years ago, just as the world’s financial systems entered a melt down of sorts it was with some nervousness that I looked at the future. Like many retirees I was looking at my bank balances carefully my savings and my investments, trying to figure whether it was best to put everything in to cash and if so where would be a safe bank to put it in. Even investments were not secure. As it was I decided to sit tight and not do anything to hasty.

Like a large number of people I had dreamed for a long time of retiring to a dream place in the sun. Like many I had equity in my home and as the property market recovered and things looked less bleak I started to dream again. The dream was at square one still and I new I had a lot of research to do before deciding where the best place to settle would be.

I considered many of the typical and not so typical destinations and fell in love with many of them including Belize, Thailand, Cartagena in Colombia, Mexico and Spain. See the travel page for information on some of the destinations I visited. While others have managed to settle successfully in each of these destinations one kept coming to the top of my list and ticked the most boxes – Spain.

Although my original feelings upon retirement had been that I could not have chosen a worse time to retire, by being patient and not rushing into things it enabled me to wait for sufficient time to be able to take advantage of the situation in Spain. At the time I started my search for a property many properties were priced far lower than 3 years earlier and some were priced substantially lower due to bank repossessions and the setting up of the Spanish Bad bank.

To be honest there is also a lot of rubbish out there at the moment, which although cheap are by no means bargains. You have to search carefully to find the right property and be patient and don’t get pushed in to anything. Sometimes it is just a case of being in the right place at the right time.

Even when you find the right property it is a bit of a leap in to the dark. The 18 months building up to the eventual purchase of my property in Spain Villa Mindoza did not prepare me for the the eventual purchase which I almost backed out of.

Fortunately, having now settled in the property and enjoyed the end of the summer here in Spain I am happy to say that I do not regret the decision I have made even though there were some bumps along the way, which I will write about at a later date.

There are so many considerations when moving abroad I hope my experiences and the information here about Spain, and retirement and staying healthy will help you make the right decision.

Travel Insurance

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moment-of-joy-3While planning a trip abroad or somewhere outside your city the important things to carry along are your passport tickets etc., apart from this you should also have a travel insurance which is a must now-a-days. It is something many people might over look, but it is essential when traveling. But don’t go for the cheapest insurance you can find.

Make sure you find a policy that will cater to all your needs and take care of you incase anything happens to you or your family. Look around at different policies and see what is out there many Online Travel agencies are available for your assistance. You can also visit agencies like “travelchacha” who provide complete Tour packages including your Travel Insurance and that too the one which is most adequate and handy for you in accordance to your trip.

You should be very well aware of what all does your policy beholds and what is not included. Read what the policy covers. One should ask as many questions that you want o their respective Online Travel agents, make all your doubts clear prior signing any deal. Make sure that your insurer knows and cover adventure activities, like water rafting Mountain climbing or things of the similar nature.

Make sure you can participate in those types of activities before getting the insurance because sometimes they aren’t covered in some polices.

Clear your doubts with these Online Travel Agencies and On Net Trip agencies if you can claim for your luggage if it is left unattended, you should know all the little details, ask to any limit and satisfy yourself completely.

Thus, in order to secure yourself from certain unforeseen situations get an adequate travel insurance and become tension free. Because you never know what will happen when and in what situation. So, one should be prepared in advance, and if you get one for yourself you will benefited in the long run.

View the diverse culture, tradition and rituals of India, with the most exciting India,Places to visit in India , 3 nights Golden Triangle Tour and please your soul with the enchanting beauty of north-India. The package highlights the three most exotic destinations of India, i.e. Delhi-Agra-Jaipur. Extract all essence of ancient and recent history along with colorful culture and wildlife holidays, all in one single Tour to India.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Senior Retirement

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Thinking of retiring?  Here are some things to consider.

The average 65 year old of today will live to age 83

One in four 65 year olds will live to age 90
One in ten 65 year olds will live to age 95

Keep in mind that senior retirement can have more than one meaning.

* It can mean that you will fully retire and not work.

* It can mean that you chose to receive Social Security and continue

to work.

* You may choose to work part time.

* You may choose to retire early. Not at your full retirement age.

All of these choices are available to you. Your retirement decisions can have an effect as to how you are able to maintain a comfortable retirement.

What is the best option for your senior retirement?

Of course, everyone’s situation is different. Social Security has created senior retirement planners to help you decide what would be best for you and your family. They have a new online calculator that can help you in your senior retirement. The estimator is secure and a great financial tool. This will enable you to create your own ‘what if’ scenarios. Check out the  Social Security web site.

During your senior retirement, when you reach your full retirement age, you can work and earn as much as you want while collecting your Social Security benefits and not be penalized. If you retire before your full retirement age and your earnings exceed certain dollar amounts, some of your benefit payments will be withheld.

Don’t forget Medicare. Even if you don’t plan to receive Medicare, you should sign up for Medicare three months before your 65. If you do not do this, your Medicare medical insurance and prescription drug coverage could be delayed and you could be charged higher premiums when you do finally apply.

You’ve made it this far. Why not go the distance in style and grace.

Good luck and keep up a great attitude. It’s all in your hands as to how you plan to enjoy your senior retirement.



Ric Dalberri is a graduate of Columbia State University & has been involved in his own business (sold) employing over 100 people. As well as being a top producer as a Financial Specialist for over a decade with one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S., Ric has many years experience in sales and  management. Ric was also a mentor in the financial arena as well as a volunteer teacher for Junior Achievement.
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Malaga Beaches

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moment-of-joy-3Malaga is considered to be the capital city of the Costa del Sol. The airport in Malaga city is one of the most popular in Spain welcoming many of millions of passengers to Andalusia, many of whom travel to other towns along the coast, as far as Cadiz and Almeria.

Malaga city has been home to many civilizations during the past 3000 years including the Romans who built a large theater beneath the hill to the west of the city and the Moors who built the fortress above the city.


Malaga is an industrial city, with a large port for both commercial cargo and passenger ships and has an important place in the development of the Spanish economy. The city is also served  by national highways and railway connections, making it convenient and comfortable for the visitors to commute between Malaga and other destinations.

Malaga is also a popular destiantion for art lovers, it now has in excess of 20 museums, the best known being that featuring the works of Pablo Picasso who was born in the city. The city celebrates many festivals throughout the year and has many restaurants offering everything from local, freshly made tapas to luxury dining.

Malaga also has some decent beaches including include Pedregalejo, Pennon del Cuervo, la Caleta, Banos de Carmen and Guadalmar. The beaches close to the city do get busy in the middle of the summer.

Below are some of the most popular beaches in Malaga.


La Malagueta Beach Malaga:

This beach stretches to a length of twelve hundred meters and is around forty- five meters wide. With its location close to the city it is an urban beach, with a promenade on the waterfront. The beach enjoys a broad range of facilities, including Red Cross and civil protection huts and alert teams to help the visitors with safety equipment (but they will usually not be manned during the whole year. The beach is located at an easy access by foot, bus and car, parking is available but is likely to be difficult in peak season.

The beach also has telephone booths, showers, and loungers for hire, nautical club with ramps and water sports facilities, wastebaskets and other services for cleanliness along with a tourism office to guide the visitors.

La Acacias Beach Malaga:

This beach is twenty meters wide  and is twelve hundred meters long. IT is also categorised as urban as it is located close to the city and attracts many local bathers. It is also well equipped with a broad range of facilities including showers, wastebaskets, water sports facilities and tourism office to help the visitors.

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Photo:Edgar Barany / / CC BY-NC-SA

Malaga Airport Some Information

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aeropuerto-de-malaga-1Malaga airport is named after it’s famous son, Pablo Ruiz Picasso. It is the main international airport for the Costa del Sol. The majority of traffic comes from within the EU, although there are regular flights to such locations as Moscow, Riyadh, Kuwait, New York and Montreal.Located 8 kilometres southwest of the city centre, Malaga Airport has good transportation links to the rest of the coast, giving easy access to the hotspots of Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Marbella and Puerto Banus to the west and Granada, Nerja, further east.

There are 3 terminals, the newest (T3) is now open and contains the” transportation hub” which links the new T3 terminal, the bus station, the pedestrian access to P1 and P2 car parks and the Spanish Railway Network suburban train station.

Between the three terminals, there are plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from. Also available…tour operators, travel agencies, banking services, VIP lounges, meeting rooms, information services, chapels, police and a medical center

Car rental agencies at malaga airport include AurigaCrown, Autos Lido, Avis, Europcar, Goldcar Rental, Hertz, National Atesa, Record and Sixt and desks for these are found in the terminals.

For more information about Aspect Car Rental visit for car rental Malaga airport needs with more choices for less money.

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Photo: Robert Stokes / / CC BY-NC-ND

My Advice – Retirement Comes Sooner Than You Think

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I was speaking with an ex-colleague some weeks ago who has been working for just under eight years but not started to save towards a pension or retirement -and the fact that it is never too soon to start putting some money aside for the day when you can retire (although it is best to try to make that money work in a good investment vehicle during your working years)  the quote belows sums up some of the advice I gave him.

If you are young, you may think you have plenty of time, but take it from an oldie but goodie, it arrives quicker than you think. So, save for your retirement like you save a down payment for a house, for a car or like you save for your son or daughter’s college education. Make it a part of your budget and one place that you cannot give an inch. Put the money away or invest it wisely and leave it alone, even if it means you have to wait to buy that house for a while.

The article also talks about what people who are already closer to retirement can do and even in your fifties with a bit of effort you can make a lot of difference to your standard of living once you cannot work any longer. As the article points out the (American) state pension was never intended to provide a full comfortable income in retirement and the Bristis h pension also falls short of doing so, so you must plan ahead.

More information on wealth management service

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The age of the unretired.

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Looking backAccording to a recent survey by the HSBC a fifth of those in the UK think that they will never be able to retire but will have to continue to work as they will not be able to afford to live without the income.

The report which is included in the Daily Mail warns that Britain needs to now prepare for the age of the unretired.

One in five workers fear they will never have enough money to retire



Photo via Gonzalo Merat   Compfight

A Brief History of Cordoba

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Although located far from the coast in the North of Andalucia, Córdoba is one of Andalucia’s most breath-taking cities and a must for anyone interested in the Moorish influence in Spain. For visitors the city contains many breathtaking sights such as the amazing Mezquita.


This city was initially established as a large, organized settlement by the Romans who wanted to develop Córdoba as an important destiantion on the Rio Guadalquivar because of its strategic location; the Romans meant to boost Córdoba into one of its more significant ports and where they later constructed “El Puente Romano” an impressive bridge over the Rio Guadalquivar. The river was busy with traders who transported local produce such as olive oil, wheat and wine to the ports on the shore and then on to Rome .

After the decline of the Roman Empire the Arabs arrived in great force and dominated much of Spain, including Córdoba between 711 and 1263 AD, during which period they built their impressive Mezquita or mosque in 784 AD and for some time the city was to become the seat of power and influence of the occupying Moors. The Mezquite was world renowned in the 10th century and was the world’s largest mosque. Following the capture of the city by Christians, who expelled the Moors the Mezquita was not demolished, as was the norm but integrated with the cathedral which they subsequently built and lined with equally splendid arches and columns. Today, this unique mosque-cathedral structure displays an architectural beauty that is second to none for its awesomeness and inspiring beauty.

The city consists of an elaborate network of winding and narrow streets and beautifully maintained shady courtyards and patios that are still often lined with colorful flowers. Principal points of interest include  the popular square La Plaza.

Every year, in early May, the city holds a competition where locals decorate their courtyard with fresh and colourful flowers; the patios and courtyards are ornately decorated with an abundance of beautiful and fresh flowers of various colors and compete against each other to be declared the best. These decorated patios and courtyards are opened to the public who tour them before they are voted for the grand prize.


There are many natural landscapes in Córdoba that visitors can enjoy, like the beautiful gardens at the Alcazar Reyes which is the town’s ancient palace. Further south of the town, is the museum Vivo de Al-Andalus which houses many interesting Roman pieces and architectural beauty. This serves as an excellent starting point when touring Córdoba as the history is recorded in many languages, helping you to understand and appreciate its humble beginnings.

You can climb up to the top of the museum, which is a tower, for a great view of Córdoba. You can also view two ancient water mills of Arabic influence; one of which is quite functional with its restored waterwheel.

The city’s archeological museum holds many interesting finds around the region which tell great stories of the past. This museum is a transformed Renaissance palace; European citizens enjoy free entrance. You will have a blast there.

Photo via: Bert Kaufmann / / CC BY



The Wonders of Andalucia

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Nerja - Balcon de Europa (15)An amazing region

Andalucia is one of the most complex regions in Spain, with a multitude of landscapes and opposing cities inhabited by open hearted people, always ready to receive visitors. The area is famous for Flamenco music, bullfighting, Carmen and Don Juan and its spectacular beaches. In additions tourists can ski in the Sierra Nevada Mountains or bathe in the warm waters of the sea, visit the traditional and very famous white villages or sightsee in one of the cosmopolite cities, and this is why they love Andalusia.

Andalusia the best places to visit

The main interest in Andalusia is its biggest, city, Seville, the third in size of Spain. Tourists love the city because of its special fragrance. The sightseeing list contains monuments such as the Giralda Tower, which is famous for being the Arabian bell tower, Torre del Oro and the old quarter of Santa Cruz. The next important attraction is Granada, guarded by the outstanding palace of Alhambra, the most representative monument for Moorish architecture. Cordoba is visited every year because tourists are charmed by the fact that it used to be the centre of the Moorish rule in Spain, while Malaga receives its tourists for being the city where the great Pablo Picasso was born. Ronda is a lovely place where tourists can admire the breathtaking views surrounding the town, and Almeria is extremely important for the Moorish architecture, the place where the beautiful white houses can be admired. Cadiz is known as being among the oldest cities of this amazing country and Huelva is famous for being very close to the place from where Columbus started his journeys to America.

For those who travel to Spain for its natural wonders, they should know that Andalusia is the home of the Donana National Park and Costa Luz, which has fantastic beaches; those who love wine should go to Jerez, the place where sherry wine was born.

The cuisine

As you can see, Andalusia is really a magnificent region in Spain; however, the cities, the monuments and the views are not the only attractions of Andalusia. Tourists come here attracted by the smells and the flavors of the traditional dishes cooked in Andalusia; among them, try the fried cuisine which uses olive oil, the dishes which use fish and seafood and the delicious desserts, such as the wine doughnuts and torrijas. Having all these and being accompanied by the flamenco music, you will spend the perfect Spanish holiday!

Spain offers so many possibilities and in all its popular regions Club Villamar offers a carefully selected variety of villas in spain for your holidays.

Tourism in Andalucia

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Seville, Andalucia, Spain


If you’re looking forward to sun, sand and beaches, you should visit Andalucia. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year along with the most hospitable climate, miles of coastline, fertile marshlands, semi-deserts, huge forests and some of the most enchanting cities, Andalucia is truly diverse in nature. Situated at the south of Spain with 54,000 square miles of area as its territory, Andalucia is called the bridge between Europe and Africa as well as where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic.

Andalucia has eight provinces that are; Cadiz, Almeria, Cordoba, Huelva, Granada, Jaen, Malaga and Seville, with Seville being its political capital. Andalucia has a population of 8.2 millions inhabitants, and most of the population is concentrated in its provincial capitals and along its coast.

If you’re a tourist from the U.K, you can take a look at various package deals to take you to the South of Spain. You can choose from a spectrum of holiday packages and resorts, holiday villas, giving you the ultimate freedom of choice. You can choose from the numerous activities like water parks, swimming classes, surfing, bowling, hiking, biking, kite and wind surfing etc. There are abundant flights and as well as chartered companies that take you to Spain from the U.K and you can check their routes according to your convenience. The airways that normally fly on a regular basis are Jet 2, British Airways, Flybe, Flybmi, Easyjet, Ryanair to name a few.

Let look at some of the main cities to where you can plan your holidays.

>Malaga is a seaside city and houses the much acclaimed Picasso Museum. Once considered as Andalusia’s poor cousin, it is now the Capital of the Costa Del Sol.

With the Mediterranean as its coast line, you will enjoy the beautiful sea breeze as well as the warm Mediterranean sun throughout the year, making it an ideal tourist destination. Its home to the great Picasso and houses other historic monuments and churches as well. Hire a Car in Malaga to visit the real Spain!

>Granada is located at the foot hills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Alhambra palace is one of the major tourist attractions and is described as ‘the Jewel of Moorish Spain’ because of its overwhelming beauty. Ryanair has cheap flights to Granada Airport that operate from Liverpool and Stansted. You can head to the ski resort in Sierra Nevada which Is Andalucia’s ski destinations.

>Seville is the capital of Andalucia and legend has it, that it was founded by Hercules. It houses the worlds largest Cathedral, the Giralda Tower, its beautiful gardens at Santa Cruz and the Alcazar Palace which is reminiscent of its Moorish culture. There are some amazingly cheap hotels in Seville with views on these monuments! Don’t forget to visit its famous Tapas bars as well.

>Almeria is Andalucia’s eastern capital and holds a lot of history and charm, located at the foot of the mountain range and is crowned by the fortress Alcazaba built by the Caliph of Cordoba. Almeria’s cathedral is a reminder of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. It’s a native to the popular folk singer Manolo Escobar. Being the driest region in Europe as well as the warmest, with an arid landscape Almeria houses one of the most famous natural spots the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park which is of volcanic origin. This area is best visited by car, try Almeria Airport Car Hire for the best deals. The beautiful ecologically rich area is one of Spain’s jewels.


Allan Cliff is an expert in travel and tourism. He knows all about Tourism in Andalucia. He has also written many articles explaining the Tourism in Andalucia. The articles written by him are excellent guides for those who are travelling to Andalucia.

The retirement “zone”

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Retired CoupleIf you’re considering retirement within the next five years or so, you’re in the retirement “zone.” This is a critical time period during which you’ll be faced with a number of important choices, and the decisions you make can have long-lasting consequences. It’s a period of transition: a shift from a mindset that’s focused on accumulating assets for retirement to one that’s focused on distributing wealth and drawing down resources. It can be confusing and chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to understand the underlying issues, and to recognize the long-term effects of the decisions you make today.

Tip: If you’ve recently retired, you’re also in the retirement zone. You’ll want to evaluate your financial situation in light of the decisions that you’ve already made, and consider adjusting your overall plan to reflect your current expectations and circumstances.

Are you ready to retire?

For more information see to learn a safe and easy way to generate a consistent monthly income from the market.

Caution: Many people who count on working in retirement find that health problems or job loss prevents them from doing so. When making your retirement plans, it may be wise to consider a fallback plan in case everything doesn’t go as you expect.

Although there are a number of things to think about when transitioning into retirement, ensuring that you keep a stable monthly income is essential.